What is ionised Water?

" There are springs to which people have made a pilgrimage for centuries. They are known for their scientifically unexplainable reports of „spontaneous healing“. Water researchers have discovered that some of these springs have similar qualiti es to that
of basic active water. "

tl_files/content/Produkte/Wasser/scheme-electrolysis-en-uk.pngWater is ionised by treati ng it with electrical energy. Through the process of electrolysis, salt molecules, dissolved in the water, are ionised, whereby the cathode (-) attracts the positive and the anode (+) the negative ions.

Positi ve basic ions are formed, consisti ng of potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and hydroxide (OH), in the chamber containing the negati ve cathode (-). This is then used for our AquaBase (ionised basic active water) product. Negati vely charged chloride, nitrate, sulphur, iodine, phosphorus and hydrogen (H) ions are formed around the anode (+), and this is used for AquaCid (ionised acidic water).

This process requires a lot of electrical energy when produced artificially.

A healthy body is able to produce basic acti ve and sour oxidised water by itself, although this also requires a lot of energy. If this energy is not available, due to illness or hyperacidity, we are unable to produce as much as we need.

In such cases, this can be supplemented by:
1. Drinking AquaBase (basic active water)
2. Drinking AquaCid (sour oxidised water)

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